Are you down for our challenges? Put your skills to work and make an impact!

The MIT Hong Kong Innovation Node presents to you Urban Technology Workshop 2024. This two-week program is tailor-made for bright young minds of all disciplines from MIT and Hong Kong universities. We are looking for those who aspire to tackle real-world challenges with innovative urban technology ideas.

We will lead you through an intensive workshop-based curriculum in problem framing and solution design. In addition, you will be able to interact with industrial and institutional experts in Hong Kong. The Urban Technology Workshop 2024 will take place from Mon 3 June to Fri 14 June.

You will work in teams with students from other universities to develop impactful solutions to specific challenges and then pitch your ideas to the public at our competition and showcase scheduled on Sat 15 June. You will not just learn important problem solving methodologies and develop innovative proposals, but also have the opportunity to make lifelong friends and become part of an international community.

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“I think I really enjoy learning about the process of venture thinking and design thinking. And I think sometimes I learn that you really got to make decisions quickly, like you have everyone contributing and you should just move on and make a decision.”

Sarah, MIT student, Blocmall, Team 2

“Going through the storming phase of the innovation process has been a real challenge that has made me grow a lot in terms of ideating and coming up with new ways to make systems more efficient and attractive and bring together ideas to a lot of people to create and to make more successful and innovative ideas. It is a really cool process.”

Nineveh, MIT student, Embolden, Team 5

“To be able to be here in Hong Kong and experience the city has been incredibly valuable. My favourite memories have been doing the site visits with my team, even things like getting meals and being able to have these conversations talking about their experiences with some of their families, chatting about my experience with MIT have been really amazing and also deep in my learning significantly.”

Soad, MIT student, MTR GO, Team 7