Innovation Capacity Building for Hong Kong Secondary Schools

Entrepreneurship Education – A Pathway to the New Economy

Entrepreneurship is about solving problems and addressing gaps in society with a sustainable, customer-driven model. Through active exploration of real-world challenges and methods for starting a successful venture, we help students acquire a deeper discovery of themselves, an expanded knowledge of the world around them, and the drive for positive impact.

The program employs a project-based learning approach to activate the entrepreneurial mindset coupled with skills and competencies needed for the 21st century. From day one to final pitches, participants work in interdisciplinary teams and rapidly go from idea to tech-enabled prototypes and present a viable business plan.

MIT Innovation Academy Teaching Lab

Designed for teachers who will lead entrepreneurial and STEM initiatives, the Teaching Lab offers new approaches to project-based learning for accelerated innovation and interdisciplinary instruction. 

Student Bootcamp

Through the MIT disciplined entrepreneurship framework, the student bootcamp asks our participants to identify real needs and build connected devices that improve the lives of those around them. Teachers from the Teaching Lab will take part in the student bootcamp as a teaching practicum.

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MIT Innovation Node will not be offering open enrolment for the high school entrepreneurship programs this summer (2023). Thank you for your interest. Please check back later for future updates.


“I think the learning experience was valuable and was a very good representation of what actually happens in the real world. Obviously, it was not optimal that the camp could only be done online, but I still feel it was a great learning experience.” – Student from MIT Innovation Academy 2020

“It helped me understand the trend the world is veering towards much better, and the importance of understanding tech.” – Student from MIT Innovation Academy 2019

“Students could explore a problem and do a problem-solving project in a free way with no restraints. A lot of exposure to different fields helped students improve their ideas and make the product real.” – Student from MIT Innovation Academy 2019

“I loved how intense this program was. I felt like it gave me a more genuine feel as to what trying to build a startup is actually like.” – Student from MIT Innovation Academy 2018


The International Innovation Awards

MIT Hong Kong Innovation Node has been awarded by Enterprise Asia as one of the winners of the International Innovation Awards 2021, falling under the category of “Organisation & Culture”. The awards, which was presented virtually on 9 December 2021, recognises outstanding innovations and innovative practices that seek to improve the standards of living across the world.

Since 2016, MIT Hong Kong Innovation Node’s purpose is to share MIT’s knowledge in innovation and entrepreneurship, cultivate the innovation capabilities of MIT and Hong Kong students, and increasing opportunities for students to participate in the innovation process. MIT Node has also launched MIT Innovation Academy in 2017 to spark the entrepreneurial mindset for students. To date, over 5000 individuals are impacted and 101 programs have been launched.

We’re very honoured to be one of the winners of the award and be recognised by the public with our efforts in innovation. We will continue our efforts in cultivating the innovation capabilities of MIT and Hong Kong students, strengthening the region’s innovation capabilities and hopefully expand to the Greater Bay Area.

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