Hong Kong Collateral Event at the 17th Venice Biennale International
Architecture Exhibition
第 十 七 届 威 尼 斯 建 築 雙 年 展 - 香 港
Possible Otherness For A Future Sustainable CBD
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This exhibition is a critical part of our flagship project -- Hong Kong Kowloon East: Inclusive Innovation & Growth. Let us reimagine the architectural scales for a future
sustainable CBD!
    What are major challenges for migrant stay-home women, disadvantages youths, SMEs in Kowloon East, the future CBD in HK? What are new opportunities and how to create space at room scale to boost local development?
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    Industrial buildings play a dominant role in the existing urban texture in Kowloon East. How can we transform these mono-functional buildings to meet various needs of the rapidly growing workers in the future CBD for sustainable development?
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    Kowloon East, HK's poorest and most densely populated district, is currently undergoing a transition to become the second CBD. What are the opportunities that can potentially foster inclusive economic growth and promote an inclusive, smart, innovative CBD?
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Virtual Exhibition
Please check out first interactive virtual exhibition for the Hong Kong Collateral Event at the 17th Venice Biennale International Architecture. Gain access via mobile phones, tablets or computers, anytime and anywhere in order to preview the creative works of the local exhibitors. By clicking the images of various exhibits on the screen, you can understand the corresponding design concepts under the theme of ‘Redistribution: Land, People, and Environment’. You can enjoy the sensation of ‘being there’ as a result of the 360-degree spherical video effect, making it a highly exciting and dynamic experience.
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Team Members
Project Leader
Sunnie S.Y. Lau, Director of Smart City Research and Industry Collaboration
TEAM (2020-2021)
Rosalia Leung, Collaborator
Ellena Wong , Research Assistant (Illustration Design)
Shannon Hui, Graduate Research Assistant (AR Illustration Design)
Julia Lin , Graduate Research Assistant (AR Illustration Design)