Design For A Sustainable Future Workshop 2024

We successfully concluded the “Design for Sustainable Future 2024” workshop on March 2. HKU Engineering students gathered at the Node to explore real-world mobility issues in the Kowloon Tong area and apply design thinking to develop innovative solutions.

During the workshop, students had the privilege of engaging with Mr. Victor Kwong, Chairman of the Environmental Committee, Institute of ESG & Benchmark. Mr. Kwong shared valuable insights into current developments in HK public transportation, inspiring the participants to think critically about sustainability.

Interaction between Students and Guest Speaker (Victor Kwong, Chairman of the Environmental Committee, Institute of ESG & Benchmark)


Diverse activities organically combined in the one-day workshop

Introduction of Design Thinking by Sunnie Lau (Director, Head of Sustainability Research and Industry Collaboration, MIT Node)

Site Exploration (5-min Walk away from MIT Hong Kong Innovation Node)

Introduction of Generative A.I. by Parco Yeung (Technical Consultant, MIT Node)
Opening by Prof. Chow K.W. (left), Professor, Associate Dean (Teaching and Learning - UG)
Idea Sorting
Group Discussion
Pitching 101 by Nick Tsang (Program Manager, MIT Node)

Student Projects

Team 1 - CruSafe ​

CruSafe is a smart stroller built with GPS navigation and auto-stabilized wheels. It guarantees a smooth and secure journey for parents, even on uneven or inclined surfaces.

Team 2 - TravelAR

TravelAR is an AR-based navigation app for indoor areas like shopping malls. It simplifies wayfinding while offering users convenient access to promotional offers for a seamless shopping experience.

Team 3 - NavCare

NavCare is a pair of smart glasses designed specifically for the elderly. Packed with advanced features including AR navigation, a health monitoring system, an emergency button, and voice control functionality. These smart glasses provide a user-friendly and intuitive solution to enhance the independence and safety of the elderly population.

Team 4 - VectorVoyage Robotics

VectorVoyageRobotics is an innovative navigation system comprising both robots and drones, specifically tailored for indoor environments. It aims to ensure safe and efficient transportation, guiding customers to their desired destinations within various locations.

By participating in our design thinking workshop, individuals can expect to enhance their career development by consistently applying the methodology to create customer-centric solutions. The feedback we have received from students who attended the workshop has been overwhelmingly positive, indicating that it has empowered them to apply design thinking techniques to address various challenges. Notably, participants have gained valuable insights, acquired a systematic approach, and cultivated the right mindset to intricately construct business concepts.