The MIT Innovation Academy: Student Bootcamp is an intense one-week innovation capacity building program for high school students. The bootcamp uses a project-based learning approach to enable students to begin their entrepreneurial journey and acquire a better understanding of the method for starting a successful venture.

Facilitated by MIT Node teaching staff and entrepreneurs, students will learn the disciplined entrepreneurship framework developed by MIT Professor of Practice, Bill Aulet. From day one to final pitches, we focus on providing students with the mindset and skills to rapidly go from idea to a proof-of-concept prototype. The student bootcamp is designed to be an experience relevant for the future, infused with inspiration and creation. 

Bootcamp highlights:

  • Meet and work with like-minded peers and innovators
  • Learn about real-world challenges
  • Choose a customer problem to solve, create a solution, build a prototype, develop a business case, and present your team idea to thought leaders for feedback
  • Develop an entrepreneurial spirit and build hard and soft skills that will help you succeed in the future
  • Learn about Hong Kong’s entrepreneurial ecosystem 

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MIT Innovation Node will not be offering open enrolment for the high school entrepreneurship programs this summer (2021). Thank you for your interest. Please check back later for future updates.

Student Projects


Work-In, a home workout app that allows social exercising at a social distance. Combined with movement tracking bracelets, the interactive features of the app benefit both team coaches and athletes. Click here to watch video. (2020)

Item Guard

Targeting elderly with dementia, Item Guard is a built-in item finder that notifies users when they leave homes without the essential items. Item Guard prides themselves on their usability and durability. Click here to watch video. (2020)


Are you a DSE student struggling to balance your studies, sleep schedule as well as your social life? Aspiras is capable of generating schedules for a more convenient and productive lifestyle. Click here to watch video. (2020)


SavE+ is here to help you save electricity and money through small behavioural changes. By installing a smart sensor at home, users will receive notifications and suggestions on how to save electricity from the app. Click here to watch video. (2020)​

Green Mask

Green Mask recreates your mask experience under a hot and humid environment. They created a capsule that can absorb moisture inside the mask while keeping you safe and hassle free. Click here to watch video. (2020)​


Targeted to heavy drinkers who wish to reduce their alcohol consumption level, REVEAL is a real-time alcohol detection sensor that provides users with alerts, consumption data, assessment reports and tips. (2019)​


FitKidz understands the importance of early intervention for obesity which is why they created an app with features that can help parents and their young children to stay on track. (2019)​


50% of teenagers over 15 are overweight and E-xercise tackles that through an app that allows students to come together and compete online through point based exercise. (2019)​


Two in three Hongkongers use plastic disposables for dining, adding to the city’s waste crisis. To help the city cut back on the 2,000 tonnes of plastic waste sent to landfills daily, Edible utensils redefines how we can create a more sustainable society with just a few simple ingredients. (2019)


Tonnes of plastic waste ends up in the landfills each year in Hong Kong. Not only does Reciclar provide incentives to recyclers, its ultimate goal is to provide a stable supply of recycled plastics. (2019)


Ichor is a bluetooth-enabled wrist-worn biometric band that provides more mobility and comfort for children patients during their hospital stay. Installed by hospitals, the connected system receives and delivers vital info in real time to medical professionals. Click here to watch video. (2018)


Revive is a wearable that helps senior citizens stay independent longer by providing posture and gait correctional feedback. Users can use its simple clip-on device placed strategically on the bag strap to receive feedback in real-time. Click here to watch video. (2018)


Essense is a long-range RFID scanner installed in the front door of the home to remind household members to bring essential items upon leaving the home. With an easy-to-install system connected to an app, busy moms can pre-tag their important items and won’t need to worry leaving home without them. Click here to watch video. (2018)


Orb aims to provide a simple, efficient way for families to stay on top of their medication for children who struggle with allergies and sickness. Orb designed a smart pill dispenser that gives children their medication at the push of a button and an app to encourage healthy habits. Click here to watch video. (2018)


Blue light at night is the reason why most people don’t get enough sleep. Using sensor-based adjustments to ambient lighting, sleep mode and pomodoro indicators, Lamp optimizes the amount of blue light to maximize student productivity and alleviate sleep deprivation. Click here to watch video. (2018)


According to the Hong Kong Mood Disorders Center, 1 in every 5 citizens suffer emotional problems, and the stats are even worse for secondary school students. Through a connected tactile product, I-FIN aims to help individuals reduce tension, improve moods, and connect with social circles. (2017)


Designed to promote coding education, Codely is an online community platform where you learn to develop games with games. (2017)

Paper Strive

Paper Strive helps high school students leverage the collective intelligence of peers to access and share practice papers and class notes to reinforce personal learning and maximize outcomes. (2017)


Eyezbin promotes recycling habits and workplace hygiene in the office by providing an IoT-enabled mobile bin that collects trash on-demand within a designated office space. This sustainable solution reduces the need for bins in each cubicle and prevents prolonged food odors. (2017)


Poor time management is a stress factor for HK students. Tekaha introduces an integrated app-device solution consisting of a smart bracelet accompanied with an app to help students take better control of their time through time-out functions, reminders, and recommendations for mindfulness. (2017)