Day of AI: Helping educators to empower students with the knowledge and skills to create with artificial intelligence (AI) responsibly

MIT Hong Kong Innovation Node hosted a professional development webinar to bring together a community of educators in Hong Kong for the Day of AI celebration. Led by Professor Cynthia Breazeal, Dean of Digital Learning at MIT and the director of MIT RAISE, a cross-MIT research effort on advancing and democratizing AI education through K-12 and vocational education, Day of AI offers curriculum designed to be taught by educators with little or no technology background. These free resources are developed by a team of researchers at MIT RAISE, and are made to be accessible to students of all backgrounds and abilities. The goals learn the basics of AI, help students make informed decisions about AI in their lives, and to inspire students to use these technologies to create a better world.

More than 90 educators attended the online session hosted by the team behind Day of AI. The 90-minute workshop introduced the latest ChatGPT learning module to understand what it is and best practices on how it should be in schools.

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