Train the Trainers for Design For Sustainable Urban Mobility Program

Design for Sustainable Urban Mobility is a STEAM education program co-developed by MIT Hong Kong Innovation Node (MIT Node) and Tramplus. Launched in mid-June this year, the program aims to equip young students with a creative problem-solving mindset called Design Thinking and design for sustainable urban mobility. On 11-12 Aug 2022, the first batch of trainer candidates gathered at MIT Node and successfully completed the train-the-trainer workshop. 

Through the two-day training, 17 trainer candidates from HKUST, PolyU, HKU and CUHK have:

  • ​​Understood the concept of sustainable urban mobility and various challenges faced by Hong Kong trams 
  • Inferred the impact of multiple measures combating climate change using systems thinking and futures thinking
  • Equipped with the innovative problem-solving mindset – Design Thinking
  • Applied Design Thinking to address real-world sustainable development challenges
  • Made lookalike prototypes rapidly to test the ideas

Now, they are ready to develop their first actionable teaching plan with continuous support from MIT Node and Tramplus.