Helping high school students develop critical thinking skills in real-world contexts

The MIT Innovation Node participated in Stamford American School’s Cornerstones project as an industry partner, along with Oxfam, SCMP Young Post, and Hong Kong Art School. The project provides Grade 9 and 10 students with invaluable opportunities to collaborate with world-renowned organizations and get hands-on in their work, while exploring career-related interests alongside accomplished professionals in their fields.

The innovation track led by MIT Innovation Node is fully integrated as part of high school course credit for Grades 9 and 10 students and culminated in a presentation where students showcased their learning. One of the stand-out projects was an app to help better control littering in Hong Kong.

A Grade 9 student, Jayee, reflected on her experience and found it very beneficial, “The Cornerstones project has allowed us, students, to recognize difficulties and challenges we would face in the real world. It helps students be more prepared and learn new things.”

“With our semester one MIT Cornerstones project ending, I was overwhelmed by just how much the students had accomplished. Like them, I had dutifully gone to the MIT Node and watched as they learned. It wasn’t until the final day when students had a chance to present their work to a panel of judges (the challenge was to make a product to promote ‘Green Cities’) where I truly saw what they had achieved. Every presentation was slick, clean, the students had prepared, and they handled the Q&A with the judges with grace. Truly a proud teacher moment!” commented Mr. Tristan Benson from Stamford American International School.

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