The 17th Venice Biennale International Architecture Exhibition Curated by MIT SA+P Dean Inspires the Ways to Live Together

Open to the public from this Saturday May 22 to November 21, 2021, The 17th International Architecture Exhibition titled How will we live together? is curated by Hashim Sarkis, the Dean of the School of Architecture and Planning at MIT. In the statement, Hashim emphasized the need for a new spatial contract and the vital role of architects to imagine spaces in which we can generously live together, especially in the context of widening political divides and growing economic inequalities. The main exhibition includes 112 Participants from 46 countries, with a growing delegation from Africa, Latin America and Asia and with a wide female representation. In parallel, there are a total of 17 Collateral Events across the world.

Hong Kong Collateral Event at this exhibition “Redistribution: Land, People & Environment”, proposes solutions to people-centric urbanism for enhanced liveability and sustainability. With augmented reality, the exhibition enables experience sharing through the redistribution of the physical and digital environment. The free-of-charge Virtual Exhibition featuring 360° interactive experience goes online now.

MIT HK Innovation Node team led by Sunnie Lau, Director of Smart City Research and Industry Collaboration, in collaboration with FAB-A-MATTER and Tsun-ming Ho, created the exhibit “BAM! City”. It is a showcase of the collective efforts contributed by the academic field, architecture professionals and the social community, intensifying the search for the meaning of living together. The exhibit aims to provide a brand-new perspective to imagine the 2nd CBD in Kowloon East of Hong Kong, which also constitutes a critical part of the MIT Node key project “Kowloon East: Inclusive Innovation & Growth”.