MIT SA+P IAP 2021 Course Announcement


While there may be reduced opportunities for travel this winter, please see below for a unique opportunity, a spring course focused on the intersection of design, technology, and rethinking how urban residents connect in this “new normal”.

The course is organised collaboratively with students and MIT Industry partners,  MIT Alumni/ae in Hong Kong and is open to a wide variety of students. Check out the past 2021 HKE session here

1. When is announcement?
7th December, 2020

2. When will be the deadline for applicants to confirm their enrolment?
Around 11th December, 2020
Motivated, curious and qualified MArch, SMArchS, MCP, GSD Harvard, ACT and other students are encouraged to apply by the following to Professor Ryan, Sunnie + Andrew.

3. What to submit ?
CV (one-page) + Statement of Interest + Work samples (preferred but not mandatory)
Please send the package “link” by email.


[MIT | School of Architecture & Planning]

IAP/Spring 2021:  Urban Design Ideals and Action

4.247J/ 11.337J | Hacking Kowloon East: Technology for Activating Urban Life

Time: IAP January Session Jan 4-16, meeting time TBD likely EST evenings/Hong Kong mornings

Instructor: Brent Ryan (MIT depart of Urban Studies and Planning
Co-instructors: Sunnie Lau (MIT Hong Kong Innovation Node),  Andrew Stokols


Course Description:

Even before the pandemic, digital technologies were changing patterns of social and economic life in cities. With the growth of e-commerce and other digital platforms, urban experiences are increasingly mediated through virtual platforms. 

While lockdowns have led to a diminishing of urban social life, this crisis also presents an opportunity to reimagine how citizens relate to each other. Can technology play a positive role in bringing citizens together and helping more urban dwellers access social and economic opportunities? Planners and designers can help cities reimagine what is possible in this “new normal”.

MIT SA+P, in partnership with the MIT Hong Kong Innovation Node, is proud to offer a ‘virtual design course” bringing students from Hong Kong and MIT together to address some of the challenges cities are facing now. Students are expected to participate in a January charrette, held virtually and synchronously between Hong Kong and Boston. Throughout the Spring, the course will meet weekly. Students will be organized into groups each focused on developing a masterplan for activating a particular part of Hong Kong’s Kowloon East district, using both architectural as well as digital strategies.