Reconnecting Blue & Green is a vision for Wong Chuk Hang that prioritizes pedestrian movement and revitalizes a historic and special resource – the Staunton Creek Nullah – into a key open space for locals and visitors to enjoy.

Reconnecting Blue & Green is comprised of four major interventions:
(1) Cleaning the Canal and extending the promenade experience underground between Ocean Park and Sham Wan,
(2) Regenerating the Community through new commercial and open space programs that are elderly friendly,
(3) Redesigning the Paths through the neighborhood so that they are accessible and connected, and
(4) Revitalizing the City through augmented and virtual reality tools that reveal the fun and cultural significance of Wong Chuk Hang.

The primary technological approach to the project was to introduce augmented and virtual reality (AR/VR) elements to Wong Chuk Hang. In particular, Reconnecting Blue & Green envisions a friendly Staunton Creek Nullah experience from below-ground to above-ground, using AR/VR and an interactive app to enliven the promenade from Ocean Park to Sham Wan.

These elements could be used to play games, enjoy a virtual gallery space, support local merchants via e-commerce, and more. The goals of integrating AR/VR would not only build social cohesion amongst visitors through this shared physical-metaverse experience, but also to promote walkability and to boost a circular economy within the local community.