Jin Zhang, Mo Chen, Qianyang He (Dora),
Tamar Ofer, Yuechen Cui, Zekun Fan

Island of A Thousand Islands is a port city of a thousand islands, bridging the gap between Island South and its water heritage. By distributing a system of co-designed land bits (islands) in Island South’s Sea, a new land-sea eco-social connectivity is materialized.

The main problem we are addressing is the disconnection between the land and sea. To be specific, they are the lack of mobility, the lack of residents & fisherman interaction, and the neglected cultural assets. Therefore, our aim is to rebuild the connection. The Jumbo Kingdom and the Island south’s coastal communities are the two sites as the starting points for us to intervene our design.

Our value proposition has three parts. First is the water culture-based eco-tourism, second is the land-to-sea, island-by-demand mobility system, and the last is the social network which has things like design competition and NFT value capture.