Adolphus Lau, Reka Tundokova, Tiasa Kim,
Yihan Wu, Yujie Wang, Yusheng Zhang

FoodGo is a 10-minute local sustainable food-chain ecosystem that aims to reduce and recycle household food waste in Hong Kong via waste-to-biogas conversion and aquaponic farming. Smart technologies like autonomous waste pods, educational initiatives and a rewards-driven mobile app, and partnerships with local stakeholders are developed to stimulate economic growth and community efforts in making Hong Kong an eco-friendly, liveable city aligning with carbon net-neutrality goals by 2050.

To make food waste disposal more accessible for the local community, we’ve designed an autonomous disposal pod to be installed in every residential building in Hong Kong.

As smart logistics, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning infiltrate our future, autonomous waste pods have a high potential in integrating technology and sustainable behaviors into the everyday lives of residents and in capturing market demand.