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International Design Competition

2020 was a global experiment that profoundly altered human activity patterns. When public facilities were shuttered, our homes were found to be ill-suited for their new role as the center of work, learning, shopping, healthcare, and exercise. Now, after a year of working virtually, companies are rapidly transitioning to a hybrid form of work that may make the traditional office—and rush hour commuting—obsolete. Many city leaders are realizing that both climate change and societal inequities may be best addressed community by community. Clearly, a new model for design and technology is needed in order to meet the challenges and opportunities of the future.

As part of a collaboration between New Taipei City and the City Science Research Group at the MIT Media Lab, this competition challenges participants to seek answers to the following questions:

  • How can we enable more resilient, equitable, high-performance communities that gracefully adapt over time to evolving economic, technological, and social conditions? (adaptation over time)

  • How can our places dynamically transform in order to accommodate the complex and rapidly changing needs of people?  (real-time transformation)

For participants who are interested in learning more about the background of this competition, please see the following two videos. The first video presents the opening remarks for the competition from Dr. Hou, Yu-Ih, the mayor of the host city. The second video is an inspiring talk about the future of communities and sustainability by Kent Larson, Director of MIT Media Lab City Science Research Group.



$30,000 + Publication in BooK

Total Prize Fund




Certificate of Achievement




Certificate of Achievement

  • Best Design X4 at $5,000 each

  1. Best home design concepts (most creative solution to the functional requirements of the 3 profiles).

  2. Best community design concepts (most creative solution to providing amenities to the community).

  3. Best overall design (best design and artistic expression).

  4. Best vision of a digital future (most creative use of robotics, communication, etc.).

  • Honorable Mention X4 at $2,500 each

  • Certificates: A Certificate of Achievement will be awarded to acknowledge the excellent submissions of all winners, honorable mentions, and top three entries in each Best Design category.

  • Exclusive Interview: The Best Design Winners will get an exclusive interview in both written and video formats. Photos, interviews, and more information about the winners will be published on our website.

Publication: Winners, honorable mentions, and top three entries will be published in a future publication and on our website.



Submission deadline: September 4th, 2021

Results announcement: October 4th, 2021

All deadlines are at 23:59 CST (UTC+8)



To be announced



Everyone is invited to participate, including students and professionals from any country worldwide. We encourage teams and people with diversified backgrounds to participate in this competition to share your visions of the Home of Tomorrow.



Home of Tomorrow Competition Website’s: https://www.citysciencehot.org/