Future of Edu-Tech-Smart Learning for Social Impact

Future of Edu-Tech: Smart Learning for Social Impact

教育科技於未來: 影響社群的智能學習

MIT Hong Kong Innovation Node  x  Cyberport  x  Hong Kong Design Centre

麻省理工學院香港創新中心  x  數碼港  x  香港設計中心

Date:         19 Dec 2020 (Sat)

Time:         9:30am – 5:30pm (One day workshop)

Venue:      MIT Hong Kong Innovation Node

日期:19 Dec 2020 (Sat)  

時間:9:30am – 5:30pm (爲期一天的工作坊)



Design Sprint: Co-creating Human-centric Smart Learning of Future Generations

Join the taster idea-jam workshop and co-design as a group participant! Each group consists of Cyberport Education Tech startups, Education domain experts, local educational institution stakeholders, NGOs in Kowloon East, and design thinking workshop facilitators!



After the workshop, you will be able to establish and equip with:

– a mindset required for creative problem-solving                                    

– understanding stakeholders’ need effectively

– developing disruptive innovations with a future mindset

– driving rapid results with a team via simple ideation and prototype tools


– 創造性解決問題的思維模式                                

– 有效地理解利益相關者需求的能力

– 以未來思維開發顛覆性的創新

– 透過簡單的構思和構建雛形的工具推動團隊迅速獲得測試結果


Organizer: MIT Hong Kong Innovation Node

Co-organizer: Cyberport

Supporting Organization: Cyberport Startup Alumni Association

Design Thinking Knowledge Partner: Hong Kong Design Centre






About Us

Smart City Initiatives – Kowloon East Inclusive Innovation & Growth (Phase 2)

MIT Node is committed to looking for opportunities and spaces for local development. Reflecting on the social impact of digital technology development, we focus on human-centric technology use and explore innovative approaches to promote social equality and community participation. Currently, we are actively preparing for a practical Phase 2 Pilot Programme (Workshop) of Kowloon East Inclusive Innovation & Growth Project, and working with local collaborators to realize the various possibilities of the project. Through the three pilot programs (workshops), we aim to identify and connect with local partners, and gather opinions from our first cohorts of participants of the target communities. Our target communities include: Migrant Stay-home Women (25-54 years old), Disadvantaged Youth (15-24+ years old), and Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) in Education Technology. In 2020-2021, we plan to implement a number of design workshops to bring together the MIT team and local partners in Hong Kong, and use professional knowledge and creativity to develop the strategies for better allocation of multiple resources in Kowloon East.


智慧城市計劃 – 九龍東共融創新與成長項目(第二階段)

MIT Node 現正致力尋找機會及空間,反思及探索數碼科技如何促進社會平等性及社區參與,廣於從數碼科技的發展方向,並重點在於以人為核心的發展探索角度。現正積極籌備可實際操作的第二階段先導計劃(工作坊) ,並與本地合作夥伴一起實現項目的各種可能性。三項先導計劃(工作坊)務求識別及連結本地合作夥伴,並從首批目標服務群組中,集結不同參加者的意見。目標服務群體包括: 新移民長期待家的女士(25-54歲);處於弱勢的青年(15-24+歲),及發展教育科技的中小型企業。 於2020-2021年,計劃推行多個設計工作坊,務求將麻省理工學院團隊、香港的本地合作夥伴聚集起來,用專業知識和創意集中研究九龍東多項資源分配的策略。